Le projet « Bresil. Nation de cafe » : le Bresil veut façonner l’image du monde en tant que pays grand producteur de cafe

By | August 2, 2018

The project entitled “Brazil. The Coffee Nation, “aims to create a global identity for the country’s specialty coffees to increase penetration into foreign markets, particularly in Asian countries, especially China, according to official reports.

The project was renewed for another two years under an agreement signed in São Paulo between the Brazilian Agency for Promotion of Exports and Investments (Apex-Brasil) and the Brazilian Association of Special Cafés (BSCA), a reported the specialized publication NoticiasAgrícolas.

The project focuses on the commercial promotion of Brazilian specialty coffees in foreign markets and on strengthening the image of domestic products around the world, positioning Brazil as a high quality supplier.

Brazilian production of specialty coffees has increased on average by 15% per year, reaching 8.5 million bags in 2017, with production of all types of products reaching 44.77 million 60 kg bags each year.
VanusiaNogueira, director of the Brazilian Association of Special Cafés – BSCA, said the result was even more significant with a record 600% increase in turnover of specialty coffee shipments since the beginning of the project. $ 2 billion in 2017.
“The number of exporting countries has more than doubled, from 40 in 2012 to 93 in 2017, and the number of companies supported has increased from 123 in 2012 to 170 in 2017,” he said. said the director of the Brazilian Association of Special Cafés – BSCA.
Ambassador Roberto JAGUARIBE, President of Apex-Brasil, said that it is vital to establish “the origin of Brazil” at the global level.
“What is fundamental is to finally establish a Brazilian symbol, because Brazil has dominated the world coffee market for 200 years, but it does not have a specific and specific identity,” he said. declared.
The ambassador also said the country should pay special attention to new markets to increase the penetration of specialty coffees as well as the Brazilian origin, since traditional markets like the US and Europe continue to grow , albeit at a lower rate.
In this regard, the ambassador stated that China’s first international import fair to be held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai from November 5 to 10, 2018, has become an important target for the project. Brazilian Association of Special Cafés – BSCA with the Apex-Brasil agency.
The project “Brazil. Coffee Nation “, in addition to the focus on Asian markets, mainly China, also targets Germany, Australia, Canada, the United States, Italy, Norway, New Zealand , Poland, the United Kingdom, Russia and Taiwan for specialty coffees and Argentina and the United States for products from the roasting and milling industry.